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Perform at 48 West

Send us a note and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

See venue, gear, and hospitality details below.

    Venue & Gear

    A wonderful sounding 114 seat music room
    A generous size stage to accommodate a 6 piece band or less.
    Stools (if needed)
    Front Stage Lighting
    Back Stage Lighting
    5 Stage Monitors
    2 Main Speakers
    20 Input Channels and Mixing Board
    Multiple Shure Microphones
    Multiple Boom Microphone Stands
    Multiple Direct Boxes
    All necessary cables
    Pearl 4 piece Drum set
    Fishman Acoustic Amp
    Fender Princeton Reverb
    Fender Vibrolux Reverb
    Hartke 4 x 10 Bass Amp
    Korg SP-250 Electric Piano

    stage at 48 West


    1 Artist Rest Room with Shower. (Towels, shampoo, soap, etc. are NOT provided)

    1 Artist Green Room with Fridge, Keurig Coffee Pot, Water, Assorted soft drinks and snacks. Pens, Sharpies, Paper, Guitar Stands also included. If you have a special request, we will do our best to accommodate. But no guarantees!!

    Food Trucks are usually on-site however not guaranteed.

    A very classy Hotel is located within walking distance of the venue. (Not provided by 48 West unless it’s stated in your contract).

    Old Waters Inn
    121 Main Street S.
    Wedowee, AL 36278

    Hear from the artists who play at 48 West

    48 West in Wedowee, AL is a musicians dream. Everything from the sound of the room to the snacks in the green room, this venue is designed by Artist for Artist. The audience was fully engaged and welcoming as was the venue staff and family. Artist, don’t miss the call to play this venue! Music lovers, make plans for your trip to Wedowee, AL for a great night of music and fellowship.

    John Berry

    48 West is blessed with the two of the most important things that makes for a great evening and performance; a great sounding room and a fantastic, warm and willing group of folks to share the night with! Wedowee and 48 West is a winner.

    Mike Farris

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